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What is Self-Inquiry?

Looking into the deeper nature of experience– thoughts, sensations, feelings and perceptions; cultivating an inquiring attitude in practice by repeatedly asking a question, not to find an answer or look for anything, but to open up to curiosity and wonder
Self-Inquiry is easiest or most natural for:
  • philosophical thinkers
  • exploratory learners
  • people who like to question 
  • those who love to dig deeper into topics
  • those who appreciate mystery and surprises
  • those who like to take things apart to see what they’re made of
  • those who are curious about who they are and what life is at the root
Self-inquiry is most challenging for/ most helpful:
  • for people who value answers, results and/or need closure
  • those who have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to experience
  • people who are reluctant to penetrate or question the realities they live by 
  • people who are more comfortable averting attention away from realities they are unable to face
How you’ll benefit from Self-Inquiry meditation:
  • you’ll uncover more of life below the surface
  • you find the roots of your experiences
  • you’ll develop a good eye for the inherent changeable nature of things 
  • connect to truths about who you are and what experience is
  • learn to let go of attachments
  • your fears will appear less powerful
  • negative emotions such as despair and anger will be less able to sweep you away
  • find resolutions to troubling issues and/or deepen your sense of what your questions are
Guided Self-Inquiry Meditation Audio


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