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I only get REALLY sick once or twice a decade. (cue: wood-knocking)

A few days ago, my number came up.

I fell into the viral lair and am still spinning. Though, today, the pace is much slower, thank you. (You still reading? Trust me, keep going.)

I’ll skip the gory details and move on to the silver lining I found during the spincycle of my sickness.

Barely conscious of anything— beyond the howling ache in my whole body and that I was freezing cold — (ok, that’s mildly gory but bear with me)– I had the sense of my slate being wiped clean.

The storage space of my internal landscape, that holds my intentions, creations, moods, strategies was under siege. It was like a tornado. The shred of consciousness I had left, had become the viewing tower of what I was hoping wasn’t going to be my ultimate demise.

Obviously, I lived to tell this tale. About what I witnessed– the cleaning of my proverbial slate.

Actually, not just the slate, but the wall it was attached to, the building containing it. All was ripped from it’s foundations, swirled about and flung somewhere very. far. away.

I could actually see and feel the whole mess being tossed around like a dirty sock.**

It’s mid-June. 2013 is half over.

I hope you find time to take an inventory.

I hope your inventory is as mild-mannered as a lonely salesgirl sitting on the floor in the back room at Macy’s, surrounded by textiles, tossing out the old, making way for the new. (I hope, however, it’s more exciting than that.)

I’d love to hear what you’ve decided. What stays and goes– and why.

  • And what’s new?
  • What do you want to make happen?
  • What do you want to create?
  • What are you excited about?

You’re aware that sharing dreams and plans with others increases the likelihood that they’ll happen, right?

So make your work a little easier. Share your intentions with me in the comments below. Also, I’m curious what left the building of your life in order to free up the space for the new item to arrive and unpack.

Having lost my trusty slate, I’m trying to figure all that out now, myself. So your share purely as moral support for me– as I try to remember what the hell I was doing before the storm. And once I remember, wonder to myself, “Why the flip was I planning THAT. Sheesh.”

(If you’re superstitious about sharing your dreams in advance, I understand. I can be that way, too. There is power in secrecy, Just remember, though, you’ll have more work cut out for you by sheltering your dreams.)

** Yoga philosophy, sees reality as composed of two primordial principles,“Purusha” and “Prakriti.” They are symbolized as a couple.

Purusha: “the witness,” formless, pure awareness.

Prakriti: the ever- evolving material layer of life.

Purusha only watches, nothing more, Prakriti is the form that Purusha watches. Our yoga practice occurs in this unity or oneness. Our body/mind has a sense of watching the experience unfold, and  simultaneously, the sense of actually “having” the unfolding experience happen TO them.

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