SLOB: Day 5 Agni Mudra


Spotlight on Agni (Fire) and Agni MudraJnana Mudra-2

Warm up your hands.

Bring your attention to the Akash / Ether element in the body. Maybe you choose the cavity of the mouth or ears, maybe your empty stomach, any sense of Akash / Ether / space.

Then bring your attention to your breath, particularly your at the level of your lungs.

Then keeping attention at the lungs, bring attention to the exhales. Gradually, release more and more air out of lungs with each exhale. Be gentle. In the brief pause after the exhale, feel the emptiness in your lungs and the potential created for air to return and fill them.

Notice that it’s the expansion of the lungs that creates space, which is a vacuum that draws the air into the lungs. Reflect on how this relates to the arising of Akash / Ether in the lungs and then to the arising of Air in the lungs.

Do you have a sense for how Akash is both emptiness or void but also infinite potential, holding space for anything to enter? And then how the creation of space creates a vacuum that draws air in?

Agni Mudra (Fire)

How to practice:

Press thumb against the back of the ring finger with as much of the ring finger against palm as possible. Other three fingers fully extended as much as is possible. Index and middle finger touching.

Agni Mudra is especially effective in evoking change, and should be stopped after change is realized or problem is relieved, but can be practiced during yoga, meditation or everyday life. Use it to address challenges and move on.

About Agni Mudra, also known as “Surya Mudra”

* Translation: “sun” or solar or fire; a burning from the center or core

* Element of the body brought to balance: Fire

* Physical benefit: weight loss, pain relief, strengthens the eyes/vision, rebalancing of energy during an illness

* Chakra: Manipura (3rd) located at the solar plexus. Power, transformation, change, embarkation

* Planet: Mars, Sun

Lifeskill: Heals the sense of emptiness and boredom, awakens the senses, passion, direction, fierceness, personal power, self-confidence, activates superpowers, great for travel As an Aries (fire sign ruled by Mars, master of new beginnings,

I love to shift into Agni energy. Feel Agni Mudra as a suppression of the heavy Earth element, so the Fire element can blaze as long as it needs to, but not longer.