Wednesdays, May 26-June 23

What would yoga practice be like if our attention remained squarely on our body and feelings rather than following the technical directions of an outside source?

We're all familiar with the common cues in Yoga classes to "check in with how we're feeling" and to "listen to our body." These cues are usually peppered into class only a few times-- maybe the beginning, end and somewhere around the middle of class.

Somatic Yoga Series offers the chance to find answers to these questions through your own felt experience.


The vision for this series isn’t about learning another style of yoga. It’s for people familiar with yoga who are curious about --or maybe even crave-- deeper somatic exploration of embodiment through movement, breath and stillness.

In this Somatic Yoga Series, Somatic practices will allow internal experience to have as much value as external observation and guidance. Yoga and other movement will provide a loose framework of shapes and forms through which we can explore our deeper experience. We'll also explore breath and stillness.


-- Practice movement, meditation and breath in a non-mechanical way, using asana and freeform movement patterns

-- Visualizations and somatizations, using asana and other yogic practices as the device for these explorations

-- Touch on anatomy from an experiential rather than the usual mechanic perspective. Only enough anatomy to ground and inspire an the open exploration into the Bodily Self

-- Allow the instinct, desire, the "knowing in our bones" of our animal body to emerge and express itself Share reflections (optional)


A different approach to movement which brings forth a different experience of self.

How your movement can be less mechanic and more of a living, dynamic process of pleasure, revelation and liberation. Various somatic approaches and the people that birthed these approaches.

Subtle, non-linear pathways to more agency that don't involve pushing or DOING MORE.

Things you might not have ever explored in your body, such as its memory of the experiential journey from an embryo to its current state. Or what it remembers of our collective bodily evolution from sea creatures to our current upright, walking, talking chair sitting, device using, information saturated cultural body.

More of what you're like when daring to follow internal guidance/ Being that feels to the cellular level and knows deep in the bones.

ALL BODIES WELCOME. Classes occur over Zoom and will be recorded for those who can't attend live.