The Secret Life of the Body: Mudras- Day 9

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Day 9: 

Prompt for today: Which mudras do you think are All Elements?

Now that we’ve explored the combination of two, three or four-fingered mudras, let’s look at mudras associated with All Elements.

Basically, All Element Mudras use all the fingers in a mirrored, symmetrical way.

However, the jury is out on many so-called “All Element Mudras”.

First let’s look at a mudra that is certainly All Elements. Anjali Mudra, with it’s hand to hand “prayer” position is a dead-ringer for all elements.  No contest.

Another is Hakini Mudra with all the same fingertips joining on each hand. Another is Padma Mudra with all fingers extended.













However, Garuda Mudra is a little less clearcut. On the one hand, index through pinkie are all evenly extended and thumbs are joined. Some say this makes it All Elements.


IMG_0653 (1)

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My experience is different. In both theory and practice, I find Garuda Mudra ALMOST All Elemental– with an extra dose of fire. The thumb tips aren’t touching in Garuda Mudra, but I still feel the linked thumb (Fire) energy activated.

What about you?

1. Now. Look through the mudra database of 35 Mudras for those that are

A) clearly All Elemental


B) those that seem to you close to All Elemental, but more debatable

2. Then, choose a debatable one to explore deeper. DON’T HOLD THE MUDRA YET.

3. Just like yesterday and the day before, record somehow– jot it down in your journal, for example–

A) what you THINK makes the mudra potentially All Elemental

but also

B) what might make it a little more balanced towards a certain element

4. Then, warm up your hands and hold your potential All Elemental mudra for five minutes at least.

Notice what unfolds.

Theoretically, All Elemental Mudras feel even, unified and/or integrated. Those that are ALMOST All Elemental will have an extra dose of a certain element.

**Consult the “the Five Fingers / Elements / Mudras, Order of Evolution & Tendencies Chart”  below if you need a reminder of each element’s tendencies, movements and feelings.

How does your chosen mudra feel?

Record what actually happens in your felt experience of holding the mudra.

Definitely All Element or ALMOST All Element?

Not sure? What do you feel?

There is no RIGHT answer. Find what’s true for you today.

Share in the comments below.

Have fun in your mudra lab!

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For review & reference of Five Fingers / Elements / Mudras

[mks_toggle title=” ***For reference, the Five Fingers / Elements / Mudras, Order of Evolution & Tendencies Chart” state=”close “]

full chart element mudras


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[mks_toggle title=” For reference, the Five Elemental Mudras in Order of Evolution Chart  ” state=”close “]

Five Elemental Mudras-4



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