From a Corporate Client

“Her meditation guidance feels non-dogmatic and comfortable for us in a corporate setting, yet is truly spiritual. Plus, she guides us in a way that nudges us along, challenging us a bit more every session but also feels accessible –and sometimes even easy– during a 30 minute work break.” — Melissa Beckett, Senior Manager, Gap Headquarters

From Students

“Tina is a gift and a joy.” —  Carolyn Gireau, student in group class and private sessions

“I thought I had been practicing for years. Then in Tina’s classes I realized I was just beginning to really practice.” —  Marcella DeWeerdt, student

“I truly appreciate every class with Tina. She’s very aware of her students. Hands down a teacher that loves her craft.” – Jesper L., San Francisco

“Tina connected me to my energy– beyond muscles and nbones– where mind and body are the same thing.” — Katrin Baumann, student

From Private Clients

“If I win the lottery I’ll buy a lifetime supply of privates with you.  – Patricia, San Francisco

“I was lucky enough to have 2-3 years of private sessions with Tina. I was always amazed at how easily she seemed to tune in to exactly what I needed for the session. Tina is one of the most exceptional teachers I have ever met, and I wholeheartedly advise anyone who gets a chance to experience her work.” – Lisa G, San Francisco

“Tina can not only teach you about meditation, she can bring it to life in you….You know that you can trust her and that she will make a true investment into your progress….” – Robin R., San Francisco

From Other Teachers & Wellness Professionals

“I’ve learned a great deal  from Tina, benefiting not only my teaching skills, but my own personal practice.”- Gretta Sowyrda, East Aurora, NY

“Tina’s energy is like- whoah. I knew when she first walked up to me that she was passionate and had been very courageous in her life. Her compassion is fierce and just. Her words are poetryThe force is definitely with her.” — Shane Perkins, Yoga Studio Owner, Baja, Mexico

“Tina’s wisdom comes from a dedication to healing- herself and the world around her. Anyone who practices with or simply comes in contact with Tina will greatly benefit from her generosity.” – Peter Gaughran, Actor, filmmaker, Yoga instructor

“Tina has a welcoming energy that puts you at ease. She listens so openly as you share information about yourself. Even the most challenging sessions are very nurturing throughout. She is a fiery motivator, an earnest speaker and has a very reassuring and calming voice, sweetened by her Southern accent.” – Marcine, Manager, Spring Pilates and Yoga

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