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What is Visualization Meditation?

Looking at or seeing images in your mind’s eye and/or inside the body; using imagination and concentration to seed ideas that can nurture related actions, experiences and creations in everyday life
Visualization meditation is easiest or most natural for:
  • visual learners
  • those who can imagine in vivid detail and can hold the details in their memory
  • those with strong concentration skills
  • non-linear thinkers
  • visual artists
  • people who remember faces more than names
  • people who prefer maps and diagrams to written or spoken directions and explanations
Visualization meditation is most challenging/most helpful:
  • people who think in words, who prefer explanations over images 
  • linear thinkers
  • anyone looking to improve their concentration
  • who are good with names and explanations rather then faces, maps or diagrams
How you can benefit from practicing Visualization meditation:
  • counteract or rebalance chatty thoughts or over-analyzing
  • sharpen your visual thinking
  • your imagination becomes more vivid and concentration becomes stronger
  • quiets your mind
  • reveals insights that are less likely to manifest as words
Visualization Guided Practice Audio:



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