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We Are Sprouts Again: Springtime Yoga Practice

The body doesn’t have to look out the window to know the season. As Spring nears, we wake up and feel a little stirring feeling, a bit of perk in the energy. It’s easier to get up and get out. Even our step has spring.

Below the soil’s surface, the new sprouts sense and seek the sunlight by keeping a clear pathway from root to the uppermost tip of their little bud head.Spring yoga practice is similar- all about helping this springy energy rise and find a focus. We bring attention to movement from the feet to head- the central axis- in various ways, including balances which keep us calm while waking up our nervous system (subtle body) and back bending, which draws energy up and expands it outward.

There’s also the body’s Spring-cleaning: detoxing twists- that spiral energy up and down our center again and again, honing energy into the center while wringing out what is no longer useful. And pranayama- that sweeps dusty energy out and lets fresh energy in.

Another springtime attribute: protecting the delicate body while it renews. We may be a little stiff from too much winter hibernation or weak from a recent flu. We rise, our energy is aspirational, but sweetness and gentleness are added to the mix. We are again  like seeds and sprouts: undergoing an amazing re-creative act. Why RE-creative? A seed was once a full-fledged flower and has already died at least once. We really are coming back to life, making a fresh start.

So last but not least we can give ourselves a break if we feel tired or perhaps a little dopey. We’re again in a newbie stage, full of potential and in need of some direction. Let’s be as forgiving of ourselves as we are of our other newbies- babies, puppies, students, folks who ask for directions on the street.

This is a time of quiet joy and centered expression. And maybe even a wee bit shameless cuteness? Don’t surprised if you find yourself feeling a tad of innocence in your smile. It’s Spring, you’re a Sprout. Embrace your inner bunny, shine your pastel colors. Namaste.


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