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If I tell you I’m a teacher I’m saving you time and keeping it simple. 

Because, true enough, that’s the closest label society offers for what I do. And I’m proud of being a teacher, so no problem there.

What name does society have for what you do for a living?

How detailed can you get about what you REALLY do?

What other labels could you apply to really deepen someone’s sense of what you love about your work and what drives your passions?

What is THE REAL REASON you get up in the morning?

I’d like to answer these questions to show you what I mean, but also to share with you what MAKES MY HEART SING. Then, if you want, you can hit reply to this email and tell me more about what you do. Here goes….

I’m a connoisseur of experiences, particularly inner experiences.

My curiosity gets me up in the morning. I lay there wanting to know answers. But what really gets me excited is finding out new things that I don’t yet know I need to know.

I have very hungry senses that long to see, hear, smell, touch and taste things I love– the woods, rock-n-roll, freshly cut flowers, bamboo sheets. Extremely fermented raw sauerkraut.

But my inner senses are even more wanton and voracious than my outer ones. I’m curious about all the millions of layers of body sensation pulsing, twitching, sparkling, flowing, bouncing and moving through my corporeal form in every kind of way.

I’m curious about what feels still and how when my attention hovers in that seemingly still area long enough I usually discover that there actually is some kind of movement there. Eureka! That’s like striking gold!

I am a connoisseur who craves and savors a good long cozy savasana– a quiet one or one guided with Yoga Nidra.

I’m a connoisseur of the many kinds of morse code and dances my brain and hands can do together when I my hands form mudra.

Just to name a few things.

And I sooooo want you to be a connoisseur of those things too, so much so that I spend a hella amount of time experimenting with the right words, gestures, feelings, tones of voice, and every tool I have in conspiracy to get you hooked on your own inner experience.

Why? Because everything you REALLY need to know is in there, in YOU.

The outer stuff you need to know? How to burp a baby or climb a tree or solve a trigonometry problem, those things are important too. But there are plenty of people telling you that you need to know these outer things.

I am so hellbent on getting you hooked on running around and digging into your inner terrain and all it’s holdings that I become a POPULIST.

Yep, a populist. And an evangelist, but not the creepy kind. I want everyone the whole world to dig for their inner gold.

When I say I’m a teacher, people often think I’m an expert. And I don’t really identify as an expert.

I try not to know anything because then I have more to be curious about.

So what about you? 

What are you REEEEEALLY? What’s your label for how you spend your time? What you reeeeeeally do, in marvellous detail with lots of concrete nouns and action verbs?

Go deeper.

And if you don’t know the deeper dirt and gems and buried goodies beneath what you do, get started feeling into it. Get curious.

In my mentoring of teachers and other “spiritual practitioners” I ask each of them to dig deep into what they think they do to find out what really TURNS THEM ON about what they do.

Then I help them figure out what that turn on looks, smells, sounds, feels and tastes like.

And what kind of voice that turn on uses to speak, what sensations it conveys.

And how to maximize their ability to do their turn on as much as possible. How to get others hooked on it too. How to turn others into connoisseurs of their thing they do.

How to help people savor the thing they do.

So, yes, I’m a teacher.

The word “teacher” is pretty old and broad and to work as a teacher without defining what I do in any greater detail would to drown into invisibility in a sea of teachers, which might not kill me but would make me bored and then depressed.

Share your richness, your turn on. Doing so will only turn you on more.