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When you Catch a Buzz, Plug in Your Bare Feet

IMG_1092Ever think about what yoga practice would be like wearing shoes? (Hmmm.)

Or– what a yoga shoe would look like? (Ha!)

The ancient posture practice we love has remained barefoot for a reason.

Why is exercise in bare feet is so beneficial? (Besides that it makes the feet stronger and more flexible….?)

Take your shoes off. Trust me, just do it.

Feels so good, for many reasons. Here’s one you might be less aware of:

    • Going barefoot releases free-radicals that have built up in our body over time.Free-radicals are unstable molecules that attack other molecules in our body which accelerates our aging process.
    • Interacting with -or just being exposed to- EMFs (electromagnetic fields) emitted from our wireless devices, electrical appliances– even cars– builds up positive electrons in our body, which, very simply put, is a free-radical build up.
    • Many of us take on this high-voltage charge every day, pretty much all day. In a sense, we’re buzzing.
    • We allow ourselves MUCH LESS time to release this buzz.
So– if you’re feeling like you’ve caught a HUGE BUZZ or you’re like a walking wireless connection:the next time you change clothes at the gym,before bed or a shower,anytime you remove your shoes–
    • just hush your head for a second & notice how good your feet feel
    • Take a sigh of relief. You just set some free-radicals free. Really free. From your buzzing body– which, in its own way, is also “sighing” with relief.
    • Walk barefoot on a forest path, in your backyard grass, local park whatever earth you got.
    • Really plug those feet in, enjoy the connection.

The soles of your feet have lots of super sensitive nerve endings. The rich sensation they feedback to you is their way of saying “YES, more please.”

Or, take a notion to jump in the ocean for a huge whole body de-buzzification. The earth and the ocean bring a soothing negative charge to the body.425800_10150608625472013_1571103881_n

De-stress, feel your spirits lift.

  • Imagine those overcharged, high-voltage thoughts and static-y feelings being set free.
  • Then, feel a grounding, refreshing charge drinking itself into you.
  • Your feet are your roots, plug them into a supportive power source.

It’s summer.

You should be barefoot anyway. No excuse.


What kind of barefootin’ are you doing this summer? I wanna hear about it in the comments below.