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Why do a Private Instead of a Group Class

YOU emblem stars--3104-vintagePrivate sessions are powerful because they are totally customizable. They are potentially as unique as you actually are. That’s pretty unique.

Classes are great, but think about it. A lot of what you hear in class doesn’t apply to you, but is meant to help someone else in the room. Or you don’t even hear what the teacher said because she’s 20 feet away from you facing the opposite direction.

Often, we learn things in privates that would never come through in a lifetime of classes because classes can only go so deep. There are as many possible scenarios for privates as there are situations in life that the many individuals in the world might face.

Here are 3 of the most common examples:

♦ Home Practice Development: We meet in the studio to develop a personalized practice you can do alone at home. Practicing at home is a useful and effective supplement to group classes. Consistency, steadiness and authenticity are cultivated in home practice. A home practice consultation includes evaluation of your personal goals and the creation of a written practice plan. In some special cases, the private can actually occur in your home. I’ll guide you through the sequence(s) at least once and discuss safety issues. You will also know the reasons behind the design of your practice.

♦ For experienced yogis: Yogis frequently benefit from personalized help to broaden or deepen their practice. These analytical sessions include feedback on how to explore fuller expressions of the postures and find adaptations to meet your individual intentions and support your unique body. We can also explore philosophy and how the ideas relate to the physical practice. Yogis who have attended these sessions say that their understanding of practice made huge leaps.

♦ Special Needs Support: There are many intentions and needs that are not met in group classes. Some examples include: limitations resulting from injuries and diseases like arthritis or chronic pain, special needs associated with age such as those of children and seniors, healing and recovery associated with trauma, stress or post-surgery. Special needs are most safely and effectively addressed in a series of at least 2 sessions.

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“Each type of living being is distinct and different. Yet, when we pierce the veil of difference, we see the unity of all beings.” – Svetasvatara Upanishad (named after the sage Svetasvatara)

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