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Workplace Meditation.

Meditation changes workplace culture.

The company and employees share the benefit.

Here's a Huffington Post article about my leading-edge corporate meditation work.

I've guided meditation in rooms packed with employees at any number of Fortune-500 companies including the headquarters of Levi-Strauss and Gap, Inc. (where I taught for 4 years). I've worked with smaller groups seated around a single table at start-ups and non-profits.

My meditation classes are fun, restore calm, focus and heighten awareness. I especially love to tailor-make meditation experiences to suit the unique needs of each company I partner with. (more about this below)

I also work privately with executives in support of their individual intentions and refinement of their skill set.

Programs Customized for Your Organization's Unique Culture & Initiatives

I partner with one or a few team members, dig into one or more of their organization's intentions for a certain established timeframe-- anywhere from a day to a fiscal year to ongoing.

We roll up our sleeves and get to work on what their company wants. I listen a lot. And ask a lot of questions until I get a detailed and complete picture of what their dreams look like.

The most effective part of this process is not deciding what meditations will help achieve their desired result. The meditations are very important, but most important is helping employees implement the practices they learn into the fabric of their actual work and lives.

In other words, how the meditations translate into actions, decisions and mindsets. How employees will incorporate meditative awareness into everything they do.

A few examples of meditations and LONGER-TERM intentions other companies have worked on:::
-- building individual and team resilience
-- cultivating emotional intelligence amongst team members
-- compassionate leadership (as opposed to "Olde School Leadership) -- recognizing/ healing stress at its roots

Here's a few of the SHORTER-TERM intentions:::
-- finding focus and motivation on a project that needs to pick up steam
-- meditations that support a particular employees training 

Learning mindbody practices is always empowering, but getting a feel for how to bring these skills into everyday action is what ultimately makes all the difference.

I love being a part of the larger-scale change that comes with supporting large groups of people who share a common set of unique intentions and challenges.  And also listening deeply to what organizations really need/ want, then helping them visualize and implement a strategic plan.

Like a good tailor sews you a bespoke suit that fits you like a second skin. Or a gourmet chef with the nutritional chops to design a meal plan with all your favorite foods that also heals your individual health challenges.

Many of you know this is one of my superpowers in working with individuals… But I do it with groups as well.  In-person as well as virtually.

Why these Programs Show Lasting Results 

1. It's not just about facilitating *change, but what comes afterwards. Once a workplace culture shifts, a future must be built. Practices must evolve as the organization grows.  

Your teams will learn how and why techniques work on a scientific as well as experiential level. They will also learn how to adapt practices over the long term.

2. Beyond practices and shifts, PEOPLE must be at the center. I believe in teaching people not techniques. I'm committed to supporting intersectionality, diversity and wholistic human concerns as a key part of an organizations vision.

3. A program's maximum impact needs to be reached as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means rigor, collaboration and focus are as important as ethics, open communication and enjoying the process.

As programs come to fruition, team members have a fresh outlook, a new set of tools and can point directly to the changes in their workplace and expound on how these changes make a genuine difference. 

What Kind of Organizations Do I like to Work With?

I work with organizations that are passionately committed to creating the best workplace culture possible.

Are willing to sit down and dig deeper into their organizations initiatives and goals.

See the value in to experimenting with new ideas, tools and strategies.

Are committed to the ongoing growth and success of their team members, not just at work but in life.
“Tina's meditation programs nudgeparticipants gently-- yet in a focused way-- along a trajectory that everyone sees clearly.  Each stage challenges participants a bit more while remaining accessible –and sometimes even easy– during a work break. Her guidance is non-dogmatic, comfortable, yet deeply meaningful-- even in a corporate setting. 
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