Blue DiamondSharing this one for you to think about

while you shop for gifts,

while you hang sparkly ornaments on your tree

when you look into your loved one’s eyes.

You are the real bling. 

I hope you unearth lots of Eureka this holiday season.

What am I talking about? Well…..

My Passion: Cultivating Consciousness by Keeping it Down to Earth.

What does this mean?

  • Those flashes of creativity during quiet moments are winks and nudges. Bring them into your everyday life.
  • Rather than taking on the practice of an authority figure, you can find a practice that fits you.
  • Whatever inspires you in life can inspire you in practice.
  • Seed what you know and love about life into your field of practice. Watch it blossom, rise and dazzle the world as it flourishes.
  • I can help. I love this stuff.

I get off on Eurekas. Do you?

One bit of feedback I consistently hear is that I’m good at helping people unearth their eurekas and put them to practical use right away.

What do I mean by Eureka? It’s like an epiphany, but WAY more fun to have. It’s like striking gold.

We’re all mining our inner gold, but it can be tricky to see those glittery flashes winking back at you from your own inner goldmine.

Eurekas, in their raw form are deep, dusty and compact. But designed to POP and reveal their truth.

Your subconscious is a storehouse chock full of Raw Eureka Potential.

Yoga and meditation are two keys to that storehouse.

You have to know how to use them. And there are myriad ways to do so.

What’s YOUR way?

Your body is shimmers with Inner Bling. A fun way to think about inner beauty and wellness, no?

I teach the full spectrum of yoga with an emphasis on the meditative element. Notice I didn’t say meditative SIDE.

(There is no meditative side in yoga. It’s all meditative when practiced authentically.)

I help people unearth their meditative mojo in a way that often surprises them.

Whether I’m teaching classes, leading workshops, retreats, working with a private client, or developing corporate programs, I’m thinking about how to help people Slow Down as a Way to Wake Up. In a way that’s fun, easy, and even kind of sexy.

Yep, meditation is sexy.

Don’t believe me? Let me help you let your meditative hair down.

Who Do I Work With?

I work with yogis and meditators-to-be, yoga teachers, meditators of all levels, including meditation guides.

If your passions are stirring from reading this…PRACTICE WITH ME

My studio. Classes. Workplace meditation. Workshops & retreats.


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