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Your Smart Heart

Something Different this round–  a video.

One sent to me by a 9 year old yogi who happens to be my niece. But this is beyond Braggy Auntie stuff.

She’s in here today to show us a few things about ourselves.

This little yogi has quite a bit of unsupervised time and not so much money to buy toys. Thankfully, she’s unstoppable.

She uses her alone time to make things– all kinds of things– constantly, out of whatever is around. Usually, she’s fine creating something, then moving on to create the next without looking back. Often no one else sees her creations. She’s okay with that. This time though, because her creations were yoga props and clothes for her dolls, she went the extra step to share this video with me.

Have a look. BUT BE WARNED:
She’s a cute kid. But this isn’t a cute kid vid. She’s not even in the vid. It’s all about her WORK.

This is what problem-solving looks like as PLAY.


1. One person’s boredom is a Problem Solver’s playground.

2. One person’s perceived lack of resources is a Problem Solver’s chance to be resourceful.

3. Problem Solvers make bridges from walls.

4. When a Problem Solver has nothing to give, they ask themselves, “What can I share?”

5. The most successful Problem Solvers aren’t conceited or egotistical, but know their true value, especially the value they hold for Problem Creators (people who make problems and/or don’t have what it takes to solve problems).

6. Strange but true: History books are full of stories about Problem Creators who ignored, laughed at and even punished Problem Solvers. Until. Until there was a problem to be solved.

Problem Creators have their Solvers’ phone numbers on speed dial. They need it as a panic button during times of trouble.

Don’t underestimate Problem Creators, though. They can be wildly successful. Take a closer look at their bootstraps. You might see they’re hitched to a Problem Solver’s magical spur.

Fortunately, for us yogis, problem-solving begins and ends from within. The Problem Creator Within is our guru. The next time a Troublemaker is making you tired, wink at them and call them Master. (-:

My niece is a lovely example. I want to say this to you:

You’re a Problem Solver, too.

Every time you write an email, answer a survey, say HI on Facebook or appear at one of my events and introduce yourself, I see your smart heart.

I watch you practice on the mat. You know which challenges need a good butt kick, which ones need a little hug and which ones just need to be left to their own devices.

So, first I want to say, “Thanks for the Progress. Thanks for evolving.”

And second: “Stop right now. Count your Problem Solving ways.” What are some walls you’ve turned into bridges? What do people thank you for? What “special” something have you made from “nothing”? What scarcity did you turn into plenty? When did you love instead of get scared? What are your unique Superhero Powers?

1. _______

2. _______

3. _______

Don’t stop at just three! Why do this?

1. Know Your Value as a Problem Solver.

2. Know that the Problem Creators of the world desperately need your skills. Often. And it might be tough for them to admit it.

Thank you for your progress. Without you, I’d be writing this blogpost with a stick in the sand.

Your heart is so very smart. Keep counting, creating and cataloging ways towards YES.Know your value. You are a Superstar.